Monday, March 12, 2012

Scrapbook Monday-Another MDS!!

I had every intention of making a traditional page this week, but then my upline, Kelly, had a MDS post that really intrigued me! She had stitching on her layout and I didn't even realize MDS had that on there!! For those of you who are not aware, I am sewing machine challenged.  Yes, it's true...  My Mom and sister make beautiful projects, quilts, and even clothes, but I am missing this sewing gene! I actually go so far as to hide any of my machine work from my Mom!! I do a decent job with embroidery and cross stitching, but put me behind a machine and it's not a pretty picture! So... I was THRILLED when I found the stitching feature in the embellishments! Just look at my lovely zigzag stitches! Aren't they beautiful?????!!!!

Kelly also introduced me to the 'insert duplicate page' feature! Create one page then duplicate it and you can make little changes to the original version to make both pages personalized for each child! Can you just imagine how quickly I can make 2 pages at a time!!! I might actually get closer to being caught up!

I only converted one layout to a jpeg for my blog (still having uploading issues...), but I did use the duplicate feature on this layout.  The green may seem a little odd on this page, but I pulled it from the green lettering on DD's sweatshirt.  On the duplicate page, I changed the green to blue and made the journaling more personal for my other DD.  This was also the first time I created an entire page from a blank canvas.  Usually, I use the photo layout feature which helps with photo placement.

I hope you enjoyed my layout and learning process!  I promise to have some traditional goodies next time and spring break is just around the corner.  I am planning on getting quite a bit of 'play time' squeezed in there!

Layout Recipe: Villa, Stripe, Large Polka Dot, and Textile DSP all in melon mambo, whisper white for journaling block, whisper white zigzag stitch, Ice Cream Parlor buttons and ribbon knots, green galore matting and scallop oval.


  1. Gorgeous stitching, truly appreciated from a fellow sewing-challenged person!
    This is a lovely layout and I love that touch of green.

  2. Looks fantastic and that stitching is spot on. I stitch on things but never anything that needs a straight line.

  3. Your zig zag "stitching" is SO WONDERFUL!!! Much nicer than mine too!
    Love all the pink and great photos.
    Great page.

  4. Oooh, great stitching detail on htis layout, I love it when you find something new to do with something you already have, bonus!
    Hugs xx

  5. The stitching does look fabulous....good job, there, little lady!
    Love how the photos just pop with the gorgeous colours, too.
    I do quite a bit of handstitching on my cards, but love my antique Singer Featherweight for everything else......haa!

  6. LOVE this page, everything about it !!! Thanks so much for sharing =)

  7. I hate sewing but love the look so this totally works for me. :-) Wonderful page Margaret and those are two adorable girls you have.

  8. The stitching makes a fantastic border for this page Margaret. LOVE that you sewed on a layout. BRILLIANT!!!!
    Those pictures are wonderful. :)

  9. This is so cute! I love the layout and the stitching is fantastic. I love seeing your MDS layouts. These inspire me to do more with it!!

  10. Gorgeous Page Love it LOVE THE PINK , Im a pink girl(woman)
    Hugs Elaine


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