Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Scrapbook Wednesday

OK, OK... I know this is supposed to be Scrapbook Monday, but either blogger or my internet provided has been testing my patience!  Every time I would try to upload a picture, it would either be cut in half and pieced backwards, or just missing part of the picture.  So today, I used the connection at work and everything worked perfectly!

This is another MDS page I created.  I would still rather create hands on, but it is getting easier to make my pages look a little better.  There are completed templates where you can just drop in pictures, but I'm obsessed enough to feel like that's 'cheating' if I post it on my blog!  I used some of the pictures from our big hickory tree for this layout and decided to make this an 8 1/2 by 11 page instead of my typical 12 by 12.  I do love how easy it is to resize everything in MDS!!  Unfortunately, I did not make a list of what I used on this and honestly, I don't remember now!

This past weekend, my girls and I had a little getaway with my sister.  We went to Gatlinburg, TN to attend a youth conference that is associated with my sister's church.  The speakers were wonderfully motivational & thought provoking, and there was a lot of fun and games too!  Of course, we couldn't go to Gatlinburg without shopping!!  Lots of walking, lots of reflecting, and most importantly, lots of girl time!  I have to admit that it was pretty good to sleep in my own bed again on Sunday night, but after looking at the pile of laundry on Monday, I was wishing for another break!! Why can't someone invent self-cleaning clothes?!  

Just a reminder that today is the last day to sign up for my blog candy give away found here!  The baker's twine is all ready to be packed and mailed to one lucky commenter (is that a word?!).  So if you haven't already, be sure to leave me some love on that post!!!! Have a wonderful Leap Day!!


  1. I love that you chose that lovely soft blue as the background of your sets off the piccies to perfection! I really should make more time to tons of digi stuff, so no excuse really...haaa!
    BTW...haven't entered your blog candy because I always think it's a little unfair to expect something to be posted to England from the US...costs are way high...but somebody is gonna be thrilled!

  2. Oh my goodness, I LOVE Gatlinburg. I think I've told you this before, but it's where we had spent our honeymoon. Beautiful, gorgeous place. Getting there, we had a torrential downpour and then I had a massive allergic reaction to the shrimp for dinner. Needless to say,...not so romantic. BUT, come morning and the sun was shining,it was fantastic there. :) So happy you and the girls got some great bonding time there and so happy also to see a post from you. Glad that your office computer isn't possessed. LOVE the quadrants of pictures and the layout is perfect. I say take all the help you can get.
    P.S. We are like minded with laundry. You'll notice that in my post tomorrow.

  3. Gorgeous layout, I like the "neat" style - not sure if I would get a long with digital scrapbooking. I really must get back to it, so many lovely pictures waiting to be loved?!

  4. Glad you were finally able to add your layout, it looks just wonderful. That pile must be getting a little bit smaller by now.

  5. Margaret, this is a GREAT page! Love the clean and simple lines on it. Just perfect!
    Glad you had fun shopping - but yes, it's always good to get back home.

  6. I like that you don't have too much going in with decorative papers and such so it doesn't take away from the beautiful subjects in your photos. I hope you took lots of photos from your girls only weekend that you'll be scrapping and sharing ?!

  7. Look at you on that MDS, girl! That looks great! The more you play, the easier and quicker it gets!

  8. Such a great layout...crisp, clean and focused on the photos. That is the best way to scrapbook! Hooray for shopping! Sounds like you had a fun trip! :)

  9. Love this layout as well!! I think it's your clean and simple styly that I adore. Now if only I could use MDS for what it was really inteded for...


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