Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Scrapbook Monday, um...Tuesday

I had one of the most stressful, emotional weeks, last week.  Both vehicles broke down, two deaths in the family, and just general 'stuff' that bogs me down from time to time.  As I was feeling sorry for myself (a real pity party, let me tell you!), I received a call that really put things in perspective.  I'm unable to go into details, but some parents I know suffered one of the most horrific blows one can receive, their child had died.  Suddenly, my drama didn't seem nearly so dramatic and I realized that while I felt like God was giving me an awful lot to deal with, things were much worse for others.  This led to the realization that we often get so caught up in our own struggles and burdens, that we lose sight of the blessings we have.  Both deaths in my family were people who were battling cancer and while we weren't ready to lose them, they are no longer suffering and enjoying eternity.  My car was fixed the very next day after breaking down, causing me to give thanks for our family friend who always manages to squeeze us in at his shop.  But most importantly of all, last night I was able to hug and kiss my husband and both of my daughters good night, something I won't take for granted any time soon.

This long, extremely emotional, and personal post, is my long winded way of explaining why there wasn't a Scrapbook Monday on Monday.  Most of my followers know I can't say anything simply ;-)
Today's project is rather unusual for me.  I used MDS to create my page.  I am very much a 'hands on' person and while I have this program and think it is wonderful, I tend not to use it often!  I was playing around with some of the different layouts & features and came up with this CAS page featuring my 'baby'. I will probably end up going back and matting some of the pics.  It feels a little too CAS!

Anyone with a Lab will appreciate how difficult it is to get still shots of this dog!  I can't tell you how many pictures I took just hoping for a few decent shots.  He really is such a sweet dog and I love that he keeps my feet warm while I craft!  My DH accuses me of loving Shadow more than him!


  1. Margaret so sorry to hear about your loss and as you said at least they are no longer suffering.

    Love your digital layout and totally agree about getting a lab to sit still. That is how I feel about our little Micah who is 3 and never sits still.

  2. Has your husband tried laying on your feet while you craft? Just sayin.... Ha! That's a completely weird mental image I just gave myself, but what a hoot for a series of rubber stamps!
    Geez wow, Margaret. You sure have been through the ringer this week and yet you really touch on a great reminder for all of us; recognize and cherish the blessings. You are right, what a blessing your family is!
    I can't even begin to imagine what that other poor family is going through. Prayers go out to them....

    Hugs to you my friend and thank you for sharing this wonderful layout of your buddy. LOL.... Would be a hoot to make another page of all the blurred photos you took too when he shot by the lens.
    Lisa xx

  3. Hi Margaret! I'm so sorry for your loss as well. It's hard to see them suffer and such a blessing when that has ended. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your scrapbooking page! Your Shadow looks a lot like one of my labs who passed almost 4 years ago. His name was Sully and I loved him so much. We raised him from a puppy and still think of him and his brother. We have a new set of labs now and even though we love them, they will never replace our first set of labs. This is the best breed in the world!

  4. Oh, you really have had a plateful, eh? I am so sorry to hear all of your sad news....even if we expect it, death is always such an unwelcome visitor. I pray that you, and the parents of that poor child, can be comforted and strengthened.
    I have to disagree about getting a lab to sit still....we struggle to get our poor, very elderly, black lab to get off the sofa, these days.....she has her own, very old, very battered, very comfy one, and that's where you'll find her, most of the time....so cherish the antics of your young one, while it lasts...haa!
    I love your gorgeous creation....what a treasure!

  5. Margaret, I love your scrap book page with those wonderful photos....but more important, I love your fantastic post. Yes, we always have so much to be thankful for. A lovely post and a page.

  6. difficult week and my condolences on your loss- but I am glad to read that you were able to put it into perspective-I guess when we look around we can always find someone who has more going on in their lives-life is stressful but I find that God is my help in times of trouble

  7. oh this is a gem!! what a handsome fur baby and a joy he must be to you all) :) i love the contrast of the red with the pictures, so striking! we are on the same wavelength with scraping the pup....I'm just now finishing one, to. xoxo

  8. OH, what a rough week... some digital therapy I hope did help you... thx for sharing your dog page! You know those are my favorite! take care...

  9. I am so sorry that you had such a tough time. You are very strong though to be able to learn from it and put things into perspective. I hope each day gets easier.
    You furbaby is adorable! What great shots you got and your LO is fantastic. I also have 2 Golden Retrievers so I know how hard it os to get a pic that shows their true personality. I also have my own "shadow" in the form of a black kitten that follows me everywhere too. She sleeps on my craft tale while I work. So much in common!

  10. Hi Margaret,
    i'm writting to tell you that I have chosen your blog to give it a Liebster blog award... find out more in my new post. I hope you will accept it :-)
    have a great day!
    Lucia xxx

  11. Margaret I loved reading your heartfelt post, TFS. Your scrap page is wonderful! Shadow is a gorgeous Lab!

  12. Thank you for sharing your clean and simple MDS page of your beautiful furbaby Shadow. What I love most about MDS is that it is so easy to go back in and change things around - and you aren't wasting supplies ! I hope this is a much better week for you {hugs}

  13. {{{HUGS}}} I'm so sorry for your losses. I had no idea. if you posted anything on fb about it, I apologize as I have not been spending too much time on there lately.

    Love the layout with your "baby"!! I know, I get the same comments from Steve about my baby boys! And, sometimes, he's right...I do love them more than him sometimes! LOL!!


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