Monday, July 10, 2017

A Sneak Peek!

Hello! I had promised a while back to share some photos of our remodeling process.  We're not quite finished with everything and my studio is far from ready for a photo shoot (unless you want to see a disaster area), but I did want to share a few of my organization areas.

I have never been a super organized 'matchy' kind of person.  I like to use found and repurposed items to add a bit of character and fun.  Not only has this managed to be quite cost effective, but it also helps create a cozy feeling to the rooms and that is exactly the style we wanted to implement into our home!  Here are a few pics of my studio space...

The black cabinet was originally from the daycare I taught at for over 15 years, so there is a bit of sentimentality attached to it.  It was white with bright red sides originally, and DH painted it a nice neutral black for me.  I love that it won't show inky dirty spots the way it did when it was white!  To the right of the cabinet are some stacked wooden crates I bought at Michaels. They work pretty well to hold my albums that aren't finished yet.  I wish they were a little deeper, but overall, I like them.

These are two of my favorite storage pieces!  The head vase was purchased for a song on EBay (I loved that it was all worn and has a small chip in the back!), and Humpty Dumpty was found at a local flea market/antique shop.  They both do a great job of holding things I use all the time and look super cute while they do it!

I use an assortment of glass jars to hold ribbon.  They work great for the ribbon that came from shares and swaps, and look so colorful sitting on my cabinet shelf. The jars were either thrift store finds or food jars with the labels removed.

I'm still in the process of getting another shelf/bookcase to hold a few more things, and I have several boxes of supplies that still need a home (I think they multiplied in the garage...), but as soon as my room is done, I'll share before and after pictures of the space!

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  1. things are starting to take shape. I like what you have done so far


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