Saturday, June 10, 2017

Recycling numbers (the last of the graduation cards)

Well, hello again!  I am slowly but surely finding ways to use the numbers left over from my graduation card invitations(click here to see) and between thank you cards for DD1's party and graduation cards for her friends, most of the numbers have been used up!  Today, I'm sharing the cards I made to give to her friends who are also graduating.  Super simple design and these went together in a flash, which was great considering all of the things we had going on at the time!

In a few more weeks, we should be completely finished with our move and most of the interior remodeling/construction will be done.  At that point, I'll try to share some before and after photos of our home and some of the ways we repurposed things to be useful for us.

Thanks so much for visiting!  I am hoping to have some free time before too long to do some much needed scrapbooking and cardmaking.  I'm also long overdue on repaying blog visits and hope to catch up with all my blogland friends soon!

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  1. Whittling down those leftovers, good for you ! I do hope you saved some (or already put some to use) for scrapbook pages ?!


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