Monday, September 3, 2012

Scrapbook Monday- the last of the Disney album!

Well hello there! Hope you had a great weekend!  We are celebrating Labor Day today, so the girls and I have a day off of school! YEA!!!!  DH is also off work by some bizarre chance, so hopefully we will find something fun to do!  Sleeping in is on the top of my list, after that, I'm good with just being able to do whatever!  Might even get some crafty time squeezed in!

I want to apologize for my lack of creative posting and commenting lately.  I have been battling a major head cold for a week.  One minute I would feel fine and then suddenly it was like being hit by a truck.  So I have been running on what little steam I had to keep up. But I'm almost 100% again, so look for me to be peeking in on your blogs soon!!

I am sharing the last of my Disney pages with you today.  These are still from Animal Kingdom and are pretty simple.  It is so amazing to me how easy MDS makes it to make a nice page with little effort.  Even a fancy page doesn't take too much time!  I have to admit that while I LOVE using MDS and it has made this album a piece of cake to finish in no time, I really miss my 'hands on' pages.  So I will be sharing some paper crafted pages next time.  I'm sure MDS will still be making an appearance from time to time!!

Even with a fast pass, we did have a bit of a wait for this
ride.  It was SO worth it! Even though we knew that trenching and 
natural barriers separated us from any real contact with most of the 
animals, it was so amazing to be so close to the free
roaming animals.  The ostriches even laid their eggs right next to 
the road we were riding on!

All of the shows at Disney were fantastic, but we were
completely wowed by The Festival of the Lion King.
Amazing scenery, gorgeous costumes, and so much talent 
in one show!  The acrobatic 'monkeys' (actually real people 
in costume) were fantastic and we all had chills as
the cast sang the grand finale song!

As we were preparing to leave, I happened to glance over
at a couple who had stopped on a bridge and were looking
at the trees.  They were filled with hundreds of white birds,
who were coming in to roost for the evening.  We learned from
a cast member that they were native birds and were free to
come and go as they pleased.  They simply chose to roost
in this spot.  Again, we were so impressed with Disney's 
efforts to make this a true place of conservation.

Well, that wraps up my little peek into our summer vacation.  I hope you enjoyed the pages and maybe found a layout to use, or bit of inspiration from them.  Have a wonderful week and happy crafting!!


  1. Oh this post brought back memories of my trip to Hong Kong where I saw the Lion King show at Disneyland. It was a wonderful show - even if only half of it was in English! Have you seen the real theatre production? It's amazing.
    I hope you are feeling better.

  2. More great layouts Margaret. It is sad to see them come to an end, but I look forward to seeing your more traditional scrapbooking pages.

  3. Another great set of pages - and I so hate to see them end. You'll have so many memories preserved of the trip now!

    Hope you're feeling better!


  4. I've actually enjoyed the MDS LO's Margaret! What a neat way of getting the job done unlike me. November will be two years and I'm holding my head in shame. Your pictures really captured the wonderful time all of you had at Disney World. I have loved every minute and thanks for sharing with all of us.
    As for commenting, don't stress. Life gets hectic sometimes and we all understand. Hope your cold comes to an end soon and that you feel better!!! Have a terrific week. :D

  5. I've enjoyed seeing all of your wonderful MDS pages / photos / stories from your trip. Looking forward to your new design team projects now =) Don't you fret one bit about what you think is a lack of posting or commenting! We all know how busy life is especially now that you are back to work and designing for two challenge sites. Lastly,I hope you get well soon. It never fails, as soon as school starts someone gets sick, blech!

  6. I love that your scrapbook pages focus on the photos and the memories. When I scrapbooked I always struggled with the journaling so I applaud you for doing so well with recording those thoughts. Wonderful work.

  7. What great scrapbook pages! They really capture the excitement of Disney-how cool to be so close to the animals!

  8. Such a fab array of memory pages Margaret you have done so well with these Big Hugs Elaine

  9. Congrats on getting your album done---I envy how on top of it you are!!! The pages all look great!!

  10. Well vicarious vacation is now over. I guess you'll just need to pack up and go someplace else. I personally would love to faux vacation in Egypt or Ireland!!! Just sayin...
    Your amazing descriptions and pictures really brought me so many smiles and I thank you so much for the terrific posts. You should maybe send them to a travel company. Definitely more descriptive than a brochure. :)

  11. These are such cute pages! You did a great job Margaret!!!!


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