Monday, July 18, 2011

A Little Fun at Camp...

Every year, our family helps out at our local FOP Kid's Camp.  It is a weekend camp for boys (ages 9-12) to learn respect for law enforcement, self discipline, team work, and also have a lot of fun. I am in charge of the shopping each year and this year one of the co-chairs asked me to buy a whistle for him to use at camp. My oldest daughter smiled and said "We'll find you a pretty pink one." He laughed and said "No you won't."  So we were determined to prove him wrong. We looked all over Wal-Mart for a pink whistle but couldn't find one, so we ended up with a two-pack (one was black plastic and the other was silver metal).  As we were unloaded the groceries, I showed him the whistles.  He smiled at my daughter and said "I told you your Mom wouldn't buy a pink one."
After he left, my husband tells my daughters to 'bedazzle' it for him as a surprise. The girls painted the black whistle with pink nail polish and we added some of my crafty jewels and ribbon.  Here is her 'blinged out' whistle and a picture of the 'grateful' recipient.  He was a great sport and used the whistle the entire weekend, although he conveniently 'lost' the pretty ribbon the first day...
Check out the jeweled initial!
more rhinestones and a pretty little butterfly jewel...


  1. funny story about the whistle-but the policeman was a good sport

  2. Ok, this post cracked me up! Love that blinged out whistle and it looks like he did too!! Haha! :)

  3. Too funny!!! Loved how the girls decorated it and that he actually played along!!


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